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Days without dates @ OPEK Leuven from Braakland/ZheBilding on Vimeo.

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Kalender - Days without dates

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Days without dates


You think you can just pick up your life where you left off.
But that’s not how it works.

(Brian Delate on his return from Vietnam)

When Jessa Wildemeersch studied at the Actors Studio in New York in 2001, some hundred yards away the Twin Towers were hit by two planes. Shortly afterwards, Afganistan was bombed and the invasion in Iraq was set in motion. It made a permanent impression on her and strongly influences her work as an actress and theatermaker.

In 2005, Jessa received the Lifetime Membership at the Actors Studio and met Brian Delate, a theatermaker and Vietnam-veteran. That meeting formed the seed for a production about the aftercare of war. About the impact of war on the individual and his surroundings. From 1914 until now.

Jessa appeared regularly in BZB-productions: Trust (2007), Roadmovie (2008) and in the opportunity production Pretty Barfing Girls (2010). She was also our guest with some of her own projects. In Days without Dates, Sara Vetongen, Els Theunis and Julie De Clercq work together. The performance has a Dutch and an English version, and will also tour at the Intersections Festival in Washington D.C.

Read the interview on Flanders Today here.

Days Without Dates,
March 1 @ OPEK, Leuven, 15h TICKETS
March 7 @ Intersections festival, Washington

I understand that they ask me questions
To get an image
Of a world they only know from television
That undeniable
‘how was it’- question
That remains unanswerable
Because it has such an open end
‘it was hot’

‘What was the worst thing you saw?’
But they don’t understand what they are asking
‘Did you kill somebody?’
It is possible that people think of that
But it is –

They don’t know what they are asking
If they knew
They wouldn’t ask

If they knew, they wouldn’t ask

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This performance is part of Gone West, a cultural commemoration of WWI by the Province West-Flanders. With the support of City Ostend, the Flemish Community Comission Brussels, Gone West (province West-Flanders), The Flemish community and Braakland/ZheBilding.